To BTOB's Lead Vocal, frustrated rapper, skater boy, coffee junkie, sleepyhead, 10D Prince, poet, rock star, drummer, pianist with a beautiful set of sleepy eyes~~~ my BIAS WRECKER -  LEE CHANGSUB!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 생일 축하 해요!! Thank you for being born into this world, I am thankful to have known you as being part of BTOB. Thank you for always making us laugh with your antics, craziness and weirdness that's only Lee Changsub. Your uniqueness makes you being who you are and so please don't change. Please continue making beautiful music with BTOB and making all Melody happy~ I wish you more blessings, opportunities and strenghts in your career as well as good health. Just continue walking and running on the path you have choosen and we will always support you! Our brightest, shining star, LEE CHANGSUB!!! Always be happy and continue smiling and making your fans all over the world happy! I pray that all your dreams and wishes will come true!!! 

See you soon!!!! ^__^

his tattoo in that smexy white, soft and toned back/shoulders will forever be sexy in my eyes, abs or no abs :DD yeah~~ it takes me to places^^


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